Water and food security

General information on the area

Understanding the way climate change, water resources, and food production are related is essential for implementing nature-based solutions to ensure the future security of these life-sustaining resources.

We are focused on:

  • Promoting climate-resilient agriculture by safeguarding robust native fodder species in agricultural and rangeland regions
  • Enhancing agricultural productivity by preserving diverse ecosystems, ensuring soil quality, water efficiency, and crop yield, while fostering awareness and capacity building for sustainable implementation

Contribution/ Donation

Why should people donate and how can they contribute? Water and food are critical daily requirements for our good health and well-being, as we can not survive without both resources. However, climate change impacts, exponential population growth, and anthropogenic forcings threaten the spatial and temporal availability of soil and water resources. Do you know that millions of children and people in developing countries do not have access to enough clean water to drink and food to eat daily? Join the thousands who have stepped up to protect water and soil resources to secure water availability and food production. Make your donation today!


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