Forest restoration and conservation

General information on the area

Forests around the globe provide a wide variety of ecosystem services, however, global forest cover continues to decline. Therefore, forest protection and restoration, become increasingly common around the world, noting the crucial role that can play in climate change mitigation. Our aim is to reclaim ecological functionality and enhance the sustainable well-being of both natural ecosystems and human communities in deforested or degraded landscapes This area focuses on reversing deforestation, degradation, and loss of biodiversity by implementing strategies to enhance the health and resilience of forests.

Contribution/ Donation

Deforestation and forest degradation are responsible for around 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions and are the 2nd biggest contributors to climate change. These greenhouse gas emissions contribute to global warming, changes in patterns of weather, and increased frequency of extreme weather events, which affect the environment and human wellbeing.

So a world without trees? Unimaginable right? Help us to protect biodiversity, restore degraded areas, preserve forests, and support sustainable livelihoods for local communities, by donating today!


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